STB 1486-2004R

Organoleptic indicator

Name of indicator Oil feature
Transparency Slight turbidity allowed
Smell and taste The smell peculiar to rapeseed oil, without foreign smell, taste is not determined
Color Dark yellow with a greenish tinge

Physical and chemical parameters

oil canola unrefined brand R

Name of indicator Value
First class Second class
Color number, mg of iodine, max 85 95
Acid number, mg KOH/ g, max 4,0 6,0
Peroxide value, mmol (1/2 O) / kg, max 10 10
Mass fraction of non-fat impurities (mass sucks),%, max 0,15 0,20
Mass fraction of erucic acid,%, to the amount of fatty acids, max 3 3
Mass fraction of moisture and volatile substances,%, max 0,20 0,30
Flash point of extraction oil, 0С, min 230 230
Mass fraction of phosphoprous-containing matter, in calculation on stearooleocytin, %, max 2,0 2,0
Iodine number, g J2/ 100g, max 108-118 108-118
Mass fraction of unsaponifiable substances,%, max 1,5 1,5
Saponification value, mg Koh/g 165-200 165-200
Mass fraction of sulfur, mln-1 (mg/kg), max 30 30

Fatty acid composition of rapeseed oil

Name of fatty acid Mass fraction of fatty acids in oil,%
Myristic Up to 0,3
Palmitic 2,5-6,5
Palmitoleic Up to 0,6
Stearic 0,8-2,5
Oleic 50,0-65,0
Linoleic 15,0-25,0
Linolenic 7,0-15,0
Peanut 0,1-2,5
Andonova 0,1-4,0
Eicosadiene Up to 1,0
Running Up to 1,0
Erucic Up to 5,0
Dokozagexaenova Up to 0,5
Lignocaine Up to 0,2
Selamolela Up to 0,5