GOST 30257-95

Органолептические показатели

Indicator Characteristic
Color From light brown with a greenish tinge to dark brown
Smell Characteristic of rapeseed meal, without foreign odors (mold, burning, mustiness)

Physical and chemical parameters

Name of indicator Value
Mass fraction of moisture and volatiles, % From 8.0 to 12.0
Mass fraction of ash, insoluble in hydrochloric acid, in terms of a completely dry substance,%, max 1,5
Mass fraction of metal impurities,%, max:
– particle size up to 2 mm included. 0.01
– particles larger than 2 mm and particles with sharp cutting edges
Foreign impurities (stones, glass, earth)
Contamination of pests of grain stocks
Mass fraction of isothiocyanates in terms of absolutely dry fat-free substance,%, max 0,8
Mass fraction of the residual amount of solvent (gasoline),%, max 0,1

Indicators of feed value

Name of indicator The value for the meal
First class Second class
Mass fraction of crude protein in terms of absolutely dry matter,%, min 37,0 28,0
Mass fraction of crude fiber in a fat-free product in terms of a completely dry substance,%, max 16,0 25,0
Total energy nutrition, feed units per dry substance, min 1,14 1,13