STB 1486-2004

Organoleptic indicator

Name of indicator Oil feature
Transparency Transparent
Smell and taste Characteristic of deodorized oil without foreign smell and taste
Color Light yellow

Physical and chemical parameters

deodorized rapeseed oil brand P

Name of indicator Value
Color number, mg of iodine, max 12
Acid number, mg KOH/ g, max 0,6
Peroxide value, mmol (1/2 O) / kg, min 10,0
Mass fraction of non-fat impurities (mass sucks),%, max
Mass fraction of erucic acid,%, to the amount of fatty acids, max 3
Mass fraction of moisture and volatile substances,%, max 0,15
Mass fraction of phosphoprous-containing matter, in calculation on stearooleocytin, %, max 0,05
Iodine number, g J2/ 100g, max 112-118
Mass fraction of unsaponifiable substances,%, max 1,2
Saponification value, mg Koh/g 180-200
Mass fraction of sulfur, mln-1 (mg/kg), max 2