LLC “Agroproduct” was started practically from zero: in the old space and with two presses used for hot pressing. The staff was 15 people.

In 2004, the legal and actual address of the company changed. All production facilities were moved in Kamenets district Brest region in the village of Oberhausen. At the same time, technical re-equipment was carried out, new technological processes were developed, which allowed to process not only sunflower seeds, but also seeds of other oil crops, in particular rape oil seeds.

Already in 2007, the company LLC “Agroproduct “was included in the National program” Rapeseed”, became the state provider.

The main suppliers of raw materials are almost all agricultural enterprises of the Brest region, as well as raw materials purchased in other regions of the Republic and from our nearest foreign neighbors. Partners every year becomes more and more.

According to the technological process, rapeseed oil is extracted by cold pressing. The qualitative characteristics of this oil allow it to be used both for the production of biodiesel and for the consumption of its food industry.